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Child Neglect

Every child has the right to expect that their parent or primary responsible caregiver will reasonably and prudently provide clothing, food, medical care, protection, shelter, and supervision. When a parent or primary responsible caregiver fails to provide the essential things to a child, a child may be neglected. Child neglect is more common and sometimes more devastating than child abuse. Often times child neglect and abuse are referred to in the same type of context.

Emancipation of Children

When a child is emancipated, the child’s parents have no further duty to support the child. In addition, parents have no right to control an emancipated child’s behavior or make certain decisions for the child.

Foster Children

A child may be removed from a household if they are abused, either sexually or physically, or neglected. The child may be neglected in that they are not provided with their basic needs such as food, shelter, and emotional stability. The goal for the foster child is that the child be cared for by capable foster parents for a temporary period of time.

Juvenile Litigation with Respect to Institutional Confinement Facilities

There are many juveniles that are confined to public and private institutions. Many of the institutions have deplorable conditions. Juveniles are often held in dingy cells or small, dark rooms and are confined for hours, days, or weeks. Often times juveniles are deprived of exercise, recreational activities and schooling. Sometimes juveniles are even supervised by untrained or inadequate staff as well.

Statutory and Other Types of Marriage

A marriage by definition is a union between a man and a woman. Every state has different requirements with respect to becoming legally and statutorily married.

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