Practice Areas

Whether we are mediating or litigating, you can depend on the experience and dedication of Simpson & Paull, PL in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in the following practice areas:

Our attorneys have a passion for the law and protecting their clients' interests and rights.  They enjoy searching for the right pieces of evidence or information that will help their client's case. Simpson & Paull, PL is a law firm that works towards a fair and reasonable negotiated settlement, avoiding costly litigation when possible.  But when negotiation is met with unreasonable demands and uncompromising positions, we enter the courtroom prepared to protect our client’s interests with thorough research, preparation and the experience of seasoned litigators.  

Family Law

Family law is the primary area of practice for Simpson & Paull. Our attorneys understand the difficulties and strains that accompany family legal issues and divorce.  We empathize with our clients and form personal relationships so we can earn our clients' trust and make them feel supported and protected. Our lawyers are adept at developing creative solutions to the complicated and unique issues presented by each family’s personal circumstances.

Family law encompasses most legal issues relating to domestic relationships. Divorce and child custody disputes can be sources of considerable stress. At Simpson & Paull, we are sensitive to the difficulties our clients experience. We make the process as understandable and worry-free as possible. Contact us and you will find dedicated, experienced advocates in all family law matters.


The dissolution of a marriage can involve child custody, visitation, and support, spousal support issues, the division of assets, and obtaining of protective orders—all are areas of potential conflict. Whatever the difficulties, we work to reach a positive resolution that is in the best interests of clients and their families.

Military Divorce

We are well-versed in military divorce, where support and custody are subject to a combination of state and federal laws. Both parties must comply with military rules and regulations, and residence requirements for filing are different.

We make every effort to alleviate the stress, cost, and negative issues involved in divorce.

Child Custody and Support

Children require special protection in a divorce proceeding. When deciding custody and visitation rights, the most important consideration is the best interests of the child. Regular financial support is usually required of the noncustodial parent. Keep in mind that the advice of an experienced lawyer may help parents settle custody, support, and visitation issues without going before a judge.


Whether you are asserting or disputing paternity, we can help. Since paternity involves legal rights as well as obligations, it is of the utmost importance that paternity be legally established. Custody, reasonable child support, and visitation are all matters subject to guidelines and laws both state and federal.

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Wills and Estates

Planning gives peace of mind


Because the probate process is court supervised, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be valuable. Probate is the execution of a decedent’s wishes as formalized in his or her Will and involves a detailed process including:

  • Collecting all the decedent’s property and all rights to income, dividends, etc.
  • Paying all debts, claims, and taxes owed by the estate
  • Settling disputes
  • Distributing the remaining property to the heirs

Probate costs are usually paid out of estate assets. They can include attorney’s fees, court costs, and the personal representative fees.


If you die without a Will, the disposition of your assets falls to the probate court. Your heirs will then have to deal with unnecessary and often costly delays and litigation.

Have your wishes regarding the disposition of your property and personal assets respected and, at the same time, protect your loved ones by having a will written. A well-crafted will gives peace of mind whether you are single, married without children, or married with children.

An experienced attorney knows the state laws regarding wills and estates and can give you valuable advice about protecting your assets.

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Small Business Law

Make a strong start and stay strong.

Both when forming and when operating your business, experienced legal counsel makes a difference.

Whether you are buying a franchise or an established business, or starting a new business, we can help you with the important legal issues you face.

  • Contracts
  • Formations
  • Collections
  • Licenses
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Permits

These are just a few of the areas in which you may need legal advice.

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